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An Evening with Friends and Nepalese Cuisine

20.2.2015 – During the day I stayed in bed to recover myself but in the evening I had to join the LEOs. We were invited to Biplabs home for dinner. Because our hotel was situated in Thamel, Kathmandu center we made a small walk thorugh the streets of this district. For me the first real impressions of Kathmandu. Great! We stopped at a Tracking-Shop which is owned by another LEO friend. We stayed there for a while, had some tasty tea and could get to know members of LEO Club Kathmandu Balaju Height.

The first impression of Kathmandu was great. People are really relaxed and laid back. Everything was chilled and not so hectic as what we got to know in India. But maybe it was my medicine which made me calm 🙂 After a while we went on to Biplabs home.

DSC_9770 DSC_9774 DSC_9778

While Biplabs mother was cooking the dinner, we had again tea and enough time to get to know each other and talk about LEO related things and our clubs. I was really surprised, that in their best years the club organized something around 100 different projects. This is so amazing and I really love how much power these guys have.

DSC_9789 DSC_9793

After about two hours we were called to table. For me it was the very first time to eat a rice-dish with my fingers and I was pretty excited about this. But at the end I think I did not perform so badly.



Check out the shelve in the background and look how many awards are there. All these awards are LEO related and I was really blown away to see them. These LEOs are really awesome – that’s fact! 23:00 and the boys took us home on their motorbikes. Tomorrow there will be the first social activity for us in Kathmandu.


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