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Sri Lanka here we come!

Next stop: Sri Lanka. After a shot flight from Chennai to Colombo (which was only something around 1,5 hrs) we were picked up by our LEO friend Nadee Bhagya (her facebook-profile) who was also my main contact in planning this trip to Sri Lanka. So after several months of facebook-conversation we finally saw each other – a great moment.

She picked us up with her parents from Colombo airport and got us to our – let’s name it – hotel. In fact it was a private property, a nice villa close to the beach with just three rooms. We were the only guests there. The name of the hotel is Abeysvilla and is owned by a german couple ( profile page). We arrived there pretty late in the night, so we could just get to know the owners very briefly and had some drink before we went to bed. The next days will bring new adventures, so better get some rest.

My first impression of Sri Lanka was like: wow, this must be the paradise (Okay, I actually said this in my blogpost of that paradise-like-garden in Coimbra too). But to be honest, our beautiful and unique earth has to offer so many paradise-like places. And I’ll find them all! Back to Sri Lanka: Endless beaches with no tourists there, so many palm trees, wonderful weather, crystal blue sea. This really must be the paradise 🙂

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Last modified: 2. January 2021