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A wonderful trip to Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is famous for it’s beautiful landscape as well as it’s beautiful corals. Our LEO friends took us there by train to explore the unique underwater life with a boat-trip. A great day with lot of fun!

01/03/2015 – Today was fun and sightseeing day. Our LEO friends took us to Hikkaduwa, famous for corals and the boat-rides to see them. We had to took the train, but I actually missed most of the ride, because I had a deep and awesome nap. I can just remember the beauty of the country which I saw when I woke up during the ride. On the right side there were the sea, on the left side palms and beautiful nature.

Close to Hikkaduwa we were invited for typical Sri Lankan lunch and we had some chill out and fun in the garden of this house. After a while we took the tuktuk to the beach where we finally could take that awesome boat ride to see the corals and underwater animals. Back home after a several hours lasting bus ride we were happy to get into bed and have a rest from this awesome day!

Great day, great experience, great nature. Thank you so much for taking us there, my friends!

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