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Mumbai Club Meeting

05/03/2015 – There was some time to chill out and relax after the activity in the women’s shelter. In the evening we met at Lokhandwala Township where the LEOs are running their club-activities and holding their meetings. We were invited for dinner and general club-get-together at a members’ home and we got a great view from the Lokhandwala Township. It was the day before famous holi festival and people were celebrating this event with the so called Holinka bonfire, which means, they burn the devil.

During the evening I also got a nice new way of spreading LEOnism among people. By leaflets. The club members collect their activities during a month, create and spread this news in their township. Very nice way to let other people know about the activities of LEOs.

I wonder if other clubs do the same? Please let me know about your activities in the comments-section below, on facebook or via mail. I’d like to learn about different ways of advertising campaigns!

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