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Never stop talking! Interview with Manuel Mair, LEO of the year 13-14 (Austria)

Manuel Mair, Perg

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What’s your name? Please tell us something about you!

My name is Manuel Mair from Austria, 30years old.

What’s your LEO Club called and where is it situated. Who’s your sponsoring Lions Club?

We are the LEO Club Perg in Austria MD114, sponsored by LIONS Club Perg. Our area is next to the river danube.

Tell me a little about your club (size, members, activities, how often you meet etc.)

We are a small young club with 13 members mixed ob boys and girls. we met every 3 weeks in a nice restaurant. During Christmas time we sell hot punch, having a big flea market with our sponsoring club and also we have activities together with other LEO Clubs in Austria. Also we had a full day with children from the SOS Kinderdorf (children’s Village) and we also started a big helping activity to the victims of the flood 2013 in Austria.

What’s your personal LEO history (which functions did you have)?

In 2012 I got the honor to be the founding president, we had our charter ceremony in 2013 with about 100 guest of LEOs, LIONs and also other service clubs of our area which we had invited to get good contact with them.


You got honored as LEO of the year and as 100% Leo Club President in 2014, which was your first year as a LEO Club. How did you feel getting this honor?

Still this makes me very emotional thinking about this! I never thought that helping / serving other people is that fulfilling. This honor was possible because I have the best LEO Club friends which I can imagine in our club.

When and why did you become a LEO?

2012 – getting new friends and helping others who are in bad situations.

What’s the secret of your LEO club? How do you keep you and your members motivated?

“smiling” – you always have to motivate your members and beeing an example. it is not always easy to creat activities but serving to other is also a big emotional effort for myself.

What’s your message to other LEOs around the world?

Never stop talking – talk with each other – talk to your friends, family and strangers! Words can make people laughing and feeling welcomed. Words can help, motivate and satisfy in critical moments in life.

Serve with a sincere heart. Never stop believing and keep spreading your hope and love to the less fortunate ones.

What was the most heartbreaking moment in your LEO career, which activity or event touched you most?

The day with the children from SOS Kinderdorf, after the day I thought: “life was so good to me, thanks to my parents”

Did LEO change your life and why do you think it was a good choice to invest time to LEO?

I got new friends and maybe also sometimes an other view on personal problems. Being in REAL contact (not only on social media) is very important. The feeling you have while you help other people or lucrate some money for them with an activity is great!

Will you become a Lion after your LEO-time?

I am 30 years old and I am thankful to be invited by our sponsoring club , my friends, this year 2015/16. It is an honor.

Do you know about The LEO Book project and if yes, what do you think about it?

I met Othmar during an Austrian LEO weekend in the mountains. We talked a lot, some weeks or months after he presented his idea. It is a big challenge and i am fascinated how much power he gives to this BIG project.

Is there something else you would like to tell a wide, international audience?

Serving others is a personal asset – you help others and you know this is right.


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