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Interview with Nadee Bhagya Dayaratne (Sri Lanka)

I can not remember whether it was Nadee or me who started the conversation on facebook, but it was something around half year before we went to Sri Lanka, so in Summer 2014. Nadee was so excited to have The LEO Book in Sri Lanka, that she was writing me on a daily basis and asking what my plans were. Unfortunately her club was not on my route, but because the other LEO clubs I was in contact with did not answer my messages, I’ve decided to change my plans and visit The LEO club of Panadura Alubomulla, which Nadee attends. A wise decision. Nadee and her clubmates are great and we had great fun during my five days in Sri Lanka. Thanks for your time as well as looking forward to showing you around in Austria and Europe one day!


What’s your name? Pls tell us something about you!

Hi… I’m Nadee Bhagya Dayaratne (facebook-page). I’m a Leo of Leo District 306A2. Currently I’m following my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.  I’m 23 years old


What’s your LEO Club called and where is it situated. Who’s your sponsoring Lions-Club?

My Leo club is Leo Club of Panadura Alubomulla (facebook-page) and it is situated in Panadura, Sri Lanka. Our sponsoring Lion’s Club is Lions Club of Alubomulla.

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Tell me a little bit about your club (size, members, activities, how often you meet etc.)

Leo Club of Panadura Alubomulla was inaugurated in year 2001 and it is one of the oldest clubs in Leo District 306A2. Currently there are 22 members in the club and we do lot of service projects as a club. Other than service projects we do organize  fund raising projects and Fellowship developing projects like Cricket tournaments also. We do conduct meetings monthly so our members meet each other atleast once a month.


What’s your personal LEO history (which functions did you have)?

I joined Leo Movement in year 2012 as an invitation got from one of the senior leos in my club, Leo Nimeshika De Silva. With me my brother too joined to the club. Because of becoming a part of this Leo Movement I got a chance to learn many things majorly about how to organize things and how to work as a team and also I could participate for many activities like Youth Camps, Talent Shows, walks with good causes and many more.  In 2013/2014 I bacame the Treasurer of the club and in 2014/2015 I became the Club President. From all the Projects we did in 2014/2015 joining with this Leo Book Project is one of the best things happened to our club.


Your club was awarded at the 10th Annual Leo District Conference 306 A2. Tell us a little about these awards!

Yes, at 10th Annual Leo District Conference of 306 A2 we were awarded with 5 awards for the projects we did.

Best Sports Project – 1st Runner Up – Project Leo Sixers, Best PR Project – 1st Runner up ,

Best International Twining – 1st runner up, Best Project for Differently abled people and another award for a joint project that we did with another few clubs. Because of joining with The Leo Book project, We won the Best PR Project – 1st Runner Up award.


When and why did you become a LEO?

I became a Leo in Year 2012 and as I said previously that happened as an invitation got from Leo Nimeshika De Silva. And the main reason I wanted to join this club is that I really love charity works and and also that feeling we are getting when we work with a team. Sometimes it is not easy when we are doing team work. So I believed that here it is a good chance to me to get that expereince of team work.


What’s the secret of your LEO club? How do you keep you and your members motivated?

If there is any secret among our club members and club, that is the fellowship we share and that passion we all have when doing projects. It is always fun when we are doing something as a club, no matter what sort of a thing it is. That fun, happiness and passion are the main factors which keep motivate our members to organize more projects and being in Leoism.


What’s your message to other LEOs around the world?

Do good things for your society, for your friends,  for anybody that you can be a help  of and  try to  feel that happiness you get  once you did any good deed.  And when you are doing so, you will go through Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. This is one of the best places you can use to develop yourself and be a masterpiece that you always wanted to be.


What was the most touching moment in your LEO career, which activity or event?

We did a project for soldiers who became disabled in the battlefield. Most of them can’t walk or  stand, some of them have lost their hands and all of them have lost something that they had previously and enjoyed with. This all happened to them because of that brave decision they took to protect our Motherland, protect our lives. That moment we spent with them is the most heart touching thing that I came across in my Leo Career and there, we shared a little time of happiness while singing and dancing with them.


How did LEO change your life and why do you think it is a good choice to invest time to LEO?

Because it helps you to develop yourself, it is absolutely a good choice to invest time to Leo. It helps you to meet good friends, different people and from them you can learn many and develop yourself a lot. When I was not a Leo , I was not  that friendly with others and was so shy. By being a Leo I got a chance to work with teams so that let me to become more friendly with others than I was earlier and now I see a big differnece in me than those days.


Do you plan on becoming a Lion after your LEO-time?

For now, no I don’t have that kind of intention, but I don’t know how it will change.


The LEO Book was in Sri Lanka because of your initiative. How did you experience the time with Karoline and Othmar, what’s your opinion about The LEO Book?

I’m really really glad that I met these two amazing souls because of Leoism. Those 5 days (read my blog-articles about these days) we spent with them is still a good memory to all of us and it will always be. They are super friendly and all my friends learnt lot of things about Europe and how leo work happens there. Since by the time they arrived Sri Lanka they had travelled to lot of other countries we could share so good experiences of them and it was really fascinating to share those experiences. This project The Leo Book wil be the Best Gift Lions club International will get for their 100th anniversary.


Is there something else you would like to tell a wide, international audience?

For now no… 🙂


Imagine, there is an international Cyber Lions Club, which means, a club organized and run virtually and focusing on helping LEO Clubs as well as supporting LEOs around the world while they travel (e.g. helping them to get cheep hotels, find other LEOs who can host them etc.) – what do you think about that idea and would you – theoretically – attend such club after your LEO career?

That is absolutely a brilliant idea. I think it will be very helpful for the leos who love to travel  and also for the ones who are seeking for International studies. This project will help leos in many ways and yeah Othmar go for it. Of course I’ll attend if there is something like that. And I’ll do anything if you need any help from my side.

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