05/08/2015. My third day on the LEF in Gelsenkirchen and my second workshop. I was totally blown away, when I saw, that my workshop was booked out. Yhippee – what a great and satisfying feeling. To be honest, as soon I saw that people are so much interested in it, I started to get very nervous also. But okay, let’s do it 🙂


The workshop itself lasted around three hours and I split it into several parts:

  • Introduction to myself and my LEO story
  • A presentation of my photo-project: obviously The LEO Book
  • My thoughts on photography with smartphones in general and the idea behind “understanding the basics”
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Simplicity
    • Lines
    • Shapes
    • Contrast
    • Depth
    • Direct Viewers Attention
    • Framing
    • Negative Space
    • Thoughts on Landscape
    • Symmetry & Patterns
  • Darkroom and how it changed
  • A quick demo to Snapseed App to edit photos
  • Exercise: Take photos of interesting patterns

Actually I am sorry that there was a quite a lot of theory and not so much time for the exercise part, but I thought the workshop lasts around 4 hrs 🙁 At the end we shared the results of the exercise and had a look at it on the big screen. Each attendee could comment his or her photographs and we had the time to discuss it.

No images attached

My deck of slides for this workshop:

About the LEF

The Leo Europa Forum in general

The Leo Europa Forum (LEF) was established 39 years ago with the idea to bring together Leos from all over Europe and the Mediterranean in one place once a year.

At LEF we aim to develop ideas on the LEO movement beyond borders, exchange experiences and ideas that strengthen the Leo movement and expand it to other European countries. We discuss LCI topics, the joint development of our organization and of course, the implementation of international activities beyond borders.

LEF Constitution title III Chapter A Articel 1 – FORUM Goals: The FORUM gives an opportunity to meet Leo’s from other countries, to find foreign friends and to get to know other European countries. It shall be an occasion to exchange experiences and ideas for the LEO program.

LEF 2015 Germany

The Leo MD-111 Germany organized four Leo Europa Forums (LEFs) so far, namely in Leipzig in 2007, in Berlin in 2000,  in Weiden in 1991, and in München in 1984.

At our fifth LEF we want to welcome national and international guests again to our beautiful and diverse country – in Gelsenkirchen, in the Ruhrgebiet. This time, we would like to present Germany from a different, probably unknown side. We will show that it is not only Dirndl, Lederhosen and Schnitzel!

We chose the motto „Look Twice“. This motto does not only show the variety of German culture perfectly it also fits like no other the Ruhrgebiet area, where out LEF is taking place. Here is why: Many people have the notion that the Ruhrgebiet only consists of  ugly, gray industries, run down cities and deserted mining dumps. But during LEF 2015, the myriad beautiful, picturesque corners will be shown in order to refute these prejudices. We will show our guests that, on the second look, the Ruhrgebiet is a surprising, livable, and vibrant area with its very own charme.

In addition, “Look Twice” stands for the change of perspective. Often, an opinion about something, a situation or a person is formed and maintained without considering that this particular something could be perceived just as well from a different angle, with a different outcome. The change of perspectives allows for new opportunities to arise, whether at work, college or school, or in the everyday interaction with Leos. Many activities arise precisely because Leos have different perspectives on things and people.We think that “Look Twice” is an excellent theme for LEF 2015 which will re-appear during many moments at the Forum.