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My Day in an Estonian Prison

September 19th, 2015. After our walk and service project in the heart of Tallinn, I was taken to Patarei, a former prison which was officially in use until 2002 and is now open for everyone to explore this “litlle slice of hell” (as a vice-article calls it.)

Patarei was built by the order of Russian Emperor Nicholas I as a fortress, with the official name of Defence Barracks. The fortification complex was completed in 1840, but due to the changed warfare strategy it was never used for its intended purpose.

Until the collapse of the Russian tsar power, Patarei was used as barracks.

From 1920 to 2002 there was a prison in Patarei during various regimes. –


Walking there was really oppressive but fascinating and impressive at the same time. Unfortunately many walls are painted with graffitis and rooms are in very desolate condition. But still there is enough to see, explore and think about. The weather we had that day made everything even sadder than it already was.

But still, if you are in Tallinn take some time and visit Patarei, it’s – in my opinion – worth it. Especially there are parties with DJs and live music taking place also.

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