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It’s getting real now!

After 2 1/2 really busy weeks with working on the layout, editing images and writing copy, it’s getting real now – the book is in production! The printing started on Friday noon and I was attending the printing of the first several pages, so I could check and proof the colors and printing quality.

The quality will be really extraordinary. The book will be printed in a so called HD-Raster, wich makes the images much sharper and the images richer in color. It’s unbelievable to see the quality of the print and I am sure, it will blow your mind as well.

So for the next two days, all the pages will be printed and need to rest/dry then for several days before they can start with cutting and the bookbinding process. The finished books should be delivered to me on June 28, only one day before I will leave to the International Convention in Chicago and reveal the book to public on Friday, June 30.

While standing next to this gigantic printing machine, I had some tears in my eyes, because I realized, that the whole process of the last fives years is (almost) over now and nothing can be changed anymore. I had so much more plans for travels and visits, but was unable to make them come true in this short time. So I feel a little guilty to all the people I promised to visit them, but could not make it until now and I am seriously thinking about to continue with another issue of The LEO Book so I could make all my promises come true!

We are already preparing everything for shipment, so we will be sending the books on their way before leaving to Chicago!

Want to see the full story? Click here to order your copy of the book!


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Last modified: 24. December 2020