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The books are here!

Production and Delivery

40 weeks of total travel time, 30.000+ images, 100+ projects, 60+ LEO Clubs, 25 countries later, the spreads of my book were printed in a small version and ready to become a book. The moment I saw the machines running and my photos and layouts come to live was wonderful and to be honest, I could not believe it. Finally the project is going to be finalized.

The books were – as planned – delivered the day before we left to the International Convention to Chicago where I got the chance to reveal it. 1.000 copies of the book with a total of 2.500kg were delivered on one of the hottest days in summer and we had to manually shift the books to the 2nd floor into my office. Because they are taking so much space, we were building walls with the books between our tables. It almost looked like a little castle in there.

Tomaz, a huge supporter of the proejct from the very beginning was the first one who got the book into his hands. Therefore I drove 4 hours from Germany to Wels to pick it up. He also put on his LEO shirt for this occasion.

June 2017.

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