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Chicago, here we come!

Wels – Munich – Atlanta – Chicago

Some stops ahead but we were in good mood and started with lots of fun – and beer – into the day, which made traveling a little easier and more comfy. Check out the Lions project below – there are boxes on the airport where people can donate money or their change they still have from their last trip. In Atlanta we had to wait for almost 2 hours on the airfield due to heavy rain.


Pittsfield Apartments + Suites

Because of this huge event it was almost not possible to find a place to stay within a reasonable budget, even if booking a year ago. (see my blogpost about that issue from 2016). By chance we got this apartment which is located right in the center of Chicago, next to Millenium Park, which was a great choice and good for roaming around in the city center. 

The apartment itself was big, and quite, but not the latest model. I mean, everything was there, but the furniture showed wear and tear. Anyway, the location, the diner in the lobby, the building iteslf and the staff were awesome and everyone super friendly. I think I’d come back there again and I can recommend that place if you need to look on your budget (as we had to).

See hotel on


Well well, there is always something to tweek around at the presentation, but I basically restructured the whole presentation for the next day. Maybe not a good idea, but I had the urge to make it better and different than it was.

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Last modified: 24. December 2020