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Video of my talk at USA/Canada Leadership Forum in Portland

The stage is set

My talk was planned for the first day of the conference at 16.00 local time, which was good, because it was enough time to fight jet-lag and get some huge amount of caffeine until that time. The conference center was huge and there were many rooms in which several lessons took place the same time. I was really surprised by how large the room and the screen were, but I learnt “show your photos as large as you can” – so I did!

Engaging Youth And Building the Future of Lions

I think, my project fits the the discussion about “The Youth of Lions” pretty well, because it shows, what the next generation is able to do and that there are many people out there who really would like to help. With my photographs I really want to show the passion and motivation of youth around the world. And yes, I did not really give answers to the questions how Lions can engage youth and build the future of Lions. I raised more questions than I gave answers, but for me it’s okay to do so, because there is no answer to this topic. Everyone needs to find his or her own way to engage youth. But I will try to work out some ideas and concepts which I’ll be implementing to my future talks.

Unfortunately I can not embed the video so if you like to view it, please watch the video on Youtube

Watch my talk on YouTube

Here is also my deck of slides.

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Last modified: 3. January 2021